Year of Publication                       Title
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2003 Investigation of the Application of Cognitive Diagnostic Testing to an End-of-Course High School Examination
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2000 Characteristics of the 100 Largest Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts in the United States: 1998-1999
2000 Current Concerns in Validity Theory
2000 NAEP 1999 Trends in Academic Progress: Three Decades of Student Performance
2000 Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) Examination Requirements for High School Graduation Discrimination against Minority Students.
1999 The Relationship between Changes in MSPAP School Performance over Time and Teacher, Student, and School Factors
1999 Dropout Measures in the Baltimore City Public Schools
1999 Effects of Teacher Knowledge of Rubrics on Student Achievement in Four Content Areas
1999 MSPAP Impact Studies
1999 Contextual Explanations of Local Dependence in Item Clusters in a Large Scale Hands-On Science Performance Assessment.
1998 The final report of the Maryland State Task Force on Reading
1997 Correlates of Examinee Item Choice Behavior in Self-Adapted Testing
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1997 Performance-Based Assessment and Procedural Reform: The Limited Effect of Testing in Maine and Maryland
1997 Reporting School Performance in the Maryland and Kentucky Accountability Systems: What Scores Mean and How They are Used 
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1991 A Review of Computer Adaptive Testing
1990 Detecting and Analyzing Differential Item Functioning in an Essay Test Using the Partial Credit Model
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